Monday, December 01, 2008

I know, I know. So long between posts

For some time, I have been reticent to write too much. I still have one outlet for writing, but I have been mighty quiet. This entire election season, I have decided to refrain from too much commentary. I do not know if it is a season I am going through or what. For the last year, almost, I have not been blogging much. I have not been doing my talk show in the internet. I have, however, been doing my teaching show with two other guys. I just have not felt like blogging too much for some reason. It used to bring me satisfaction. Then again, so did collecting firearms and being on firearms related web sites. I have seriously backed off from that, as well. I shut down one of my web sites. I have focused more on my relationship with my (now) wife and family, some studies, church service, reading, personal interests, and just plain being quiet. Maybe I will pick up the blogging again soon. I don't know.

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