Sunday, April 08, 2012

Early resurrection morning thoughts

I was woken up by a coughing fit (I think that my bronchitis is coming back) and laid awake for a while thinking about my next newspaper column and TV commentary.  Yeah, I write those things in my head several times before ever typing them out. I figured since I was up and needed my inhaler, which was at my desk, I would sit and check online stuff. The whole time I have been thinking about the impending birth of Benjamin, whose due date is just over a week away.  I kept thinking about God's love, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and how he loved me enough to give his daughter to me and entrust me with my family.  This picture was taken on our wedding day and is perhaps my favorite ever of Sharon and John Dolan.  Matthew was conceived the next day, and now baby Ben is almost here.  What an amazing journey it has been to have gotten here.  John has grown so much since this photo.  Lord, may I become the man you want me to be, the father I need to become, the husband I desire to be, and the son you have re-created me to be.  Thank you, Father God, for your grace, your love, your patience, your mercy, and your salvation through Christ, my risen Lord.

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