Thursday, January 29, 2009

From my friends at ALIPAC

Just as certain hot spots in the nation became critical battlegrounds in the national fight against illegal immigration, such as Waukegan, Illinois, Farmers Branch, Texas, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Prince William County, VA, and many others, now Chatham County, NC is a focal point.

While the 287(g) program, which saves innocent American lives from criminal illegal aliens, is sweeping the state of North Carolina thanks in part to your efforts!

Unfortunately, the pro-illegal alien groups are trying to set a precedent to reverse or stall our progress. They got the Chatham County Commissioners to vote to block all local police in the country from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. What is worse is that they did it in secret by voting on the measure as the second to last item in a planning meeting.

So while the NC media and taxpayers had no idea this measure would be voted on, the illegal alien supporters did and many of their leaders spoke in favor of the practice.

We need your help!

Please review the following materials and then craft your own call, e-mail, and letter to the Chatham County Commissioners.

Here is our main message...

"We call on the Chatham County Commission to reconsider this issue, reconsider their vote, and to do so with proper notification and public comment!"

Please take the following steps.

1. Please review these videos. We hope that the messages and tactics found in these videos will be of assistance to you in your efforts to get 287(g) in your community. If you approve of these videos, please send them to others in your network, vote them 5 stars, Favorite them, and make supportive comments.

Chatham County Illegal Immigration Debate: William Gheen Speech pt. 1

Chatham County Illegal Immigration Debate: William Gheen Speech 2

Chatham County Illegal Immigration Debate: William Gheen Speech 3

2. Review our press release and the article about this issue.

Chatham Co. Residents Call on Commissioners to Reconsider Immigration Vote

N.C.: Chatham County not involved with ICE program

ALIPAC's Open Letter to the Chatham County Commission

3. Craft your own message and call, call, call these commissioners with your message! Then follow up with and e-mail and/or letter.

Here is the contact information you should use. With George Lucier leading the way, all five voted to block local police from working with I.C.E.

Chatham County, North Carolina
12 East Street
P.O. Box 1809
Pittsboro, NC 27312
TEL (919) 542-8200
FAX (919) 542-8272


George Lucier, Chair (District 3)
628 Redbud
Pittsboro NC 27312

Sally Kost, Vice Chair (District 1)
1101 New Hope Church Road
Apex, NC 27523
(919) 367-0727 (home)
(919) 696-7840 (cell)

Allen Michael "Mike" Cross (District 2)
388 Cross Point Road
P.O. Box 173
Moncure, NC 27559
(919) 774-3309

Carl E. Thompson, Commissioner (District 5)
67 Robert Thompson Road
Bear Creek, NC 27207
(919) 837-2407

Tom Vanderbeck, Commissioner (District 4)
8180 Old Graham Road
Pittsboro, N.C. 27312

We are told that Chatham County Sheriff Richard Webster may be open to joining with Immigration and Customs Enforcement if the County Commissioners will stop blocking him.

Here is his contact info:

Chatham County, North Carolina
Sheriff's Office
295 West Street
P.O. Box 429
Pittsboro, NC 27312
TEL (919) 542-2811
FAX (919) 542-8272

To email Sheriff Webster


And my email to all of the above:
I am writing to you all to express my dismay at your decision to prohibit participation in the 287(g) program by your county law enforcement agency. As protectors of the public, I find it beyond comprehension that you would decide to make Chatham County, in effect, a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal backgrounds. It is bad enough that our federal government has abrogated their responsibilities in securing our borders, but for a county government to encourage such immigration and attract those who ought not be in this country to begin with and offer safe haven for known criminals is a violation of the public trust.

One of the few positive things that a government can do is actively protect its citizenry. There are some county Sheriffs that are attempting to secure such for their jurisdictions, such as Sheriff Steve Bizzel over in Johnston County. Instead of capitulating to politically correct twaddle, he actually gets support from his county commissioners to work towards securing that county from undue criminal influence.

I urge you to reconsider your breach of responsibility in your recent decision to fail to allow your county servants to participate in one of the few programs that makes sense any more in this country, the 287(g) program for dealing with immigration authorities, policies, and immigrants. Should you fail to do so, the future of your county safety and financial stability will be in serious jeopardy. You are going to attract the criminal element to your county as well as those who drain economic resources.

Please do the right thing for Chatham County and the entire State of North Carolina and reconsider your faulty decision, do so in a public spotlight rather than stealthily as you took your original decision.


Troy M. LaPlante
A citizen that is very uneasy about your decision taking and reasoning abilities

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