Monday, January 26, 2009

Wackenhut is persecuting someone for being in the National Guard. Let them know what you think.

From an email list I get:
First Class Gary Norris is from the Guard unit in the city where we lived for 18 years and where Marc grew up. Wackenhut Corporation is violating the USERRA laws that protect our reservist and guard members who choose to serve. He has been told "to decide where his allegiance lies; either with the military or with the company." They are trying to force his resignation and have demoted him from Lead Supervisor on Night shift, reduced his pay, taken his days off and vacation time. This is one of our brave warriors who has served two tours in the Middle East and preparing to go again in 2010 and he needs our help.

Please share this with everyone you know and stand behind this warrior and make phone calls and send emails. Also please copy, (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve organization and Wally Bothum is the state ombudsman)


The Wackenhut Corporation


5319 S.W. Westgate Dr., Ste. 125
Portland, OR 97221-2411
Tel (503) 291-1005
Fax (503) 291-1073

The Wackenhut Corporation
4200 Wackenhut Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Tel: (+1) (561) 622 5656
OR: (+1) (800) 922 6488

Thanking you in advance,

Debbie Lee

Wackenhut, you are just plain WRONG in this. If I am ever in a position to hire a security company for a company where I work, I will NEVER hire yours. And your company is fairly active around here.

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