Friday, November 02, 2007

Is is snowing in Hell?

Of course not. It is just that there does exist some common sense once in a while. The editors at The Smithfield Herald have given ME their endorsement as a candidate for Town Council here in Selma. The other endorsements in Selma are no surprise to me, and quite honestly, I am hard pressed to disagree with their logic, though I do have my own opinion.

Here is their piece in today's Smithfield Herald. Thanks, guys.
For Town Council: As a group, Herald staffers gave a quick thumbs up to Eric Sellers, appointed to the council after Jeff Weaver moved out of town. Mr. Sellers approaches problems from the prospective of a businessman. He weighs the benefits against the costs and votes accordingly. We think town councils could use more of that. That leaves candidates Troy LaPlante, Cheryl Oliver and Tommy Holmes. It’s clear that all care about Selma and its future, but of the three, Mr. LaPlante has the clearest grasp of the issues, and for that reason, he earns our endorsement.

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