Friday, November 09, 2007

Now that is opening up a can

Many people in this town know of me but do not know me. Over the past month or more, I have been hearing rumors circulate and come back to me. I have gotten emails full of hatred for allegations that I can only assume are part of the rumor mill.

There are several reasons why I did not win the election this week, and I take full ownership of the reasons that were within my control. I could have worked a whole lot harder than I did, I will admit. There were also a lot of other things going on in life with which I have had to contend. FEW people know what those truly are. I do have close friends who know. They have seen it and experienced it themselves in a small measure.

When I hear a rumor come back to me one time, I set it aside. When I hear it twice, I take notice. When I hear it from a half dozen sources, I know there is validity to the idea that someone is spreading malicious rumors. One friend of mine deals with the rumors surrounding me and the election. Despicable people spread despicable gossip. Someone who knows me and my life, and has since 1992 opens up a can on the topic.

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