Thursday, November 08, 2007

What part of NO FREAKIN' WAY don't these jackasses understand???

Of no surprise to me is that money hungry politicians want to find more ways to get into our wallets. The land transfer tax was soundly defeated across the state in a referendum on Tuesday, but governments are scheming to find a way to make it happen anyway. We have to keep saying NO time and time again. It only takes ONE yes and we are screwed.

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A day after voters in 16 North Carolina counties soundly defeated a controversial tax on home sales, state and local officials said Wednesday they would continue pursuing the tax to help pay for growth-related needs.

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The Buck said...

I was relieved to find that the electorate here in Mayberryland actually had the cajones to get out and reject these ridiculous proposed taxes. Good job, Gomer, Tell Goober and Floyd I said, "Hay!"