Friday, February 15, 2008

Parts of an interview with professional wrestler John Bradshaw Layfield

Wow, JBL calls it like it is regarding the state of politics and government in this nation. Here is a link to the full article. Below are excerpts that I love.
LIP: Well, what's your impression of what's going on, since you have taken a political stance in the past?

JBL: Yeah, absolutely. I think our politicians are the worst that they've ever been in the history of our country, and that has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans. I mean, in the middle of two wars, and the middle of this economic sub-prime [mortgage] fallout, and the middle of a budget that's out of control, they have Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee on the stand debating he said/she said about this. That to me is just offensive. I cannot believe how inept and pathetic our politicians are across the board. There is no possible way for me to have a lower standard for these guys. Unfortunately, they keep exceeding that low standard. These guys are absolutely pathetic. To think that these guys would know anything about cellulosic ethanol or ocean power or anything to get us off of foreign oil. These guys are more interested-you had Sen. Arlen Specter a few weeks ago wanting to request Super Bowl tapes about Bill Belichick. Here we have two wars going on-real people, American kids, dying-and these idiots want to watch football tapes. So, I have no respect whatsoever for politicians. I think they're a pathetic group.

LIP: Well, gee, how do you really feel?

JBL: I can't stand it. I'm on Fox Business every night, so I have to deal with this every single night. And I look at this stupid economic stimulus plan, and these guys loading this thing up with pork, which is unbelievable. I mean, honestly, if these guys were in corporate America, they would be indicted and thrown in jail for theft.

LIP: When the state of Georgia talked about regulating pro wrestling, WWE resisted. Wouldn't it benefit the company to embrace the idea of regulation so that the questions people have about wrestling wouldn't have to be asked?

JBL: It depends on who's regulating it. You have, right now, Roger Clemens on the Hill with Brian McNamee. Who cares if Roger Clemens was taking some legal or even illegal drug at this point? That's a baseball issue. Baseball should have dealt with that in 1987 just like the NFL did. I'm totally against steroids, 100 percent, so I don't want to take that out of context when I said who cares about Clemens. But in the grand scheme of politics, you've got this idiot, Henry Waxman, interviewing these guys. And we have a budget deficit that is massive, we've got a dollar that is shrinking, that is killing us, we have 95-dollar [a barrel] oil. We have two wars, and nobody has a solution for them. And these are the guys who are going to regulate anything? These guys can't regulate themselves. If these guys had shown that they could do something efficient in this world and help America, then, yeah, let them regulate it. But these guys are inept, they're pathetic, and you really think politicians can do anything right? I don't hold that view. So no, I don't believe in government regulation because I think our government, the people that run it, are obviously inept, because they haven't solved any of their own problems. How in the world could they solve any of our problems, or anybody else's?

LIP: So when you think about this stuff is it good to be able to get back in the ring and get some of your aggravation out?

JBL: [Laughs] It's good to be on Fox Business and talk to these guys. I'm just frustrated. This is just my view of politics, and it's my view and my view alone. But we've had guys who haven't solved anything in politics, and they want to create this dog-and-pony show and go after Bill Belichick, or go after Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, or go after regulation in sport because they want to distract from their record because their record is honestly that abysmal.

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