Friday, February 15, 2008

This is why I can not stand Code Pink

It has been a week since I last blogged. I know that I have not done much writing here lately. I have a lot of things that I want to say and comment upon, but I have been rather reticent. There is a season I am going through, and I have known others to experience the same thing in which they have a desire to simply remain silent except to a few trusted people close to them. Even then, I am not as verbose as normal. I want to do my talk show, I want to write commentary on numerous subjects, but the true desire has been stifled and I therefore have not written much.

This is a spiritual thing, I believe, since it is something from within, and seems entheos in origin. There are so many topics in the news about which I have strong opinions. I have just kept most of them to myself lately.

Here is one that I do not want to let go by, though. I listened to the radio a bit ago about Berkeley, California (quelle surprise)and their city council voting to unwelcome the Marine recruiting efforts in their town and instead welcome Code Pink. I was emailed a link to this video of the efforts of Code Pink barricading the doors to a Marine Corps recruiting station, attempting to keep anyone from entering and apparently from allowing egress.

Police allowed an obvious violation of law to take place, not to mention the federal government allowing federal law to be flaunted by this. I am all for free speech, but this goes beyond speech. These leftist, communist cowards really did deserve police batons, rubber bullets, fire hoses, and jail time for their actions. I read and listened to accounts from people who were there about numerous violations of law and provocation of physicality by these commies.

These people act this way and wonder why the Gathering of Eagles and Rolling Thunder oppose them. Disgusting.

I actually caught this radio segment as it aired.

The actions of the Berkeley City Council is equally as disgusting.

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