Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why you should NEVER consider voting for John McCain


Anonymous said...

I am praying a powerful prayer that God Who is Sovereign will intervene in this country BY WHATEVER MEANS necesary!

Anonymous said...

Taking our marbles and going home (and Alan's tone and perception) is what prevented Alan Keyes as serving as President and brought "Dubyuh" into office.
Barry Goldwater used to say there wasn't a dime's worth of difference in the Democrat and Republican parties. NOW, unfortunately there's only a few cents, but I STILL plan to vote for the lesser of two evils. Obama is the epitome of form over substance and those who plan to vote for him are making a joke of Martin Luther King's supposed dream. They plan to vote for him NOT because of the content of his character, that has no track record. He has ZERO accomplishments. Rather, they are voting for him because of the colour of his skin, ie, his heritage. To vote for THE most liberal Senator, even more so than Edward Kennedy is nothing short of idiotic. Hillary is just that, HILARIOUS! A JOKE.
Yep, McCain is not even a wolf in sheep's clothing. But at least he's a couple of cents worth more than the affirmative action twins, Obama and Clinton.
So, I swallow hard and vote for the McCain jackass.
Any way you look at it, get used to having less money because the taxman/woman cometh, my friend!

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