Monday, July 07, 2008

Affirmation that I need to start CCW more often

I took the family out to supper this evening at CiCi's Pizza in Smithfield, as we are want to do every so often. It was me, Sharon, John, and Edna (Sharon's mother). We four often dine out together. While there, a tribe of rednecks came in for supper, as well. They were big folks, too. One man had pizza stacked high on his plate, a half dozen slices at least. They had probably a half dozen adults at the tables that were pushed together as well as three elementary school aged children. The three children were at their own table across the aisle.

These three children were little hellions. At least two of them acted as such in the restaurant. They were cutting people in line, running up and down the aisles, and bumping into people. More than once, Edna exclaimed that she wanted to get a hold of a yung'un. We observed this sort of behavior for some time. Finally, two of the hellions were running up and down the aisle near our table and were bumping into Edna some. I finally said something to this child and asked him to please go sit down and not be so rowdy. He immediately went over an whined to his mother. His mother stood up and hollered over to me across a few tables, asking me if I told him to sit down. I said that I did. She chewed me out, saying that I should not be telling her child what to do and to keep out of it. I replied simply, "Uh, no." I felt that someone needed to do something about the unruly children before someone got hurt.

When I said, "Uh, no", a stocky, haggardly looking guy with a Harley Davidson t-shirt immediately stood up and attempted to confront me, asking me to step outside. I just sat there and looked at him acting foolishly. Three of his companions all got in front of him, telling him not to start anything inside the restaurant. He kept hollering at me to step outside. I just sat there quietly, calmly, sipping my lemonade, observing the fray.

The mother came over and attempted to chew me out. Sharon explained to her that her son was being rowdy, was running into people, and that I was not obnoxious or rude to her son. She backed down after Sharon's explanation. The boy apologized and she went back to the crowd, who were all on their feet grumbling and fussing. They eventually filed out into the parking lot. The rednecks all stood around two or three cars for a while and we just sat at our own table talking about what just happened. Discretion being the better part of valor, I allowed the hot headed rednecks simmer down a while and leave.

I have no problem speaking up when it is needed. I have no problem with the idea that once in a while, violence is necessary. I do have a problem with the idea that violence and threats should be a first resort. Small minded people are that way. Sure, the stocky redneck would have done some damage to me, but I would have done a helluva lot to him, as well. The problem was that there were two other adult males and three females in their group. Ergo, I stayed calm and observed for a while.

As she was leaving, one angry woman (certainly not a lady) exclaimed that I was "one lucky man" and then she called me a "son of a bitch". Whatever. If the man, or any of the men at that table were really men, they would have thanked us for bringing the problem to their attention and say that they would handle it. That is what a real man would do. Manhood is not a product of one's physical prowess or one's extremely short fused temper. To be accurate, they were males. One is a man by choice. The lack of maturity was astounding. The example shown to the children explains why they were the way they were.

One thing for certain is that I am going to step up how often I carry my concealed handgun(s) in case some hot head tries anything really stupid.


Thunder Pig said...

You are more emotionally mature than I am.

I likely would have said something to get him to jump me in the restaurant just so I'd have an excuse to draw on him. That always takes the wind out of the "big boys" sails.

Stay Safe.

Anonymous said...

Hicks begetting hicks begetting hicks. What a shame! Bet their favorite song is "Redneck Woman" or "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"
You can't argue with IGNORANCE!