Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gun grabber alert

I often run across articles and information from a few vigilant groups about gun control advocates in government trying to keep guns out of the hands of ordinary citizens. They mistakenly believe that the elimination of the guns and not the behavior will yield the results of lower gun violence. It is criminal behavior that is the problem, not the availability of guns. Cars and knives are readily available and are used in crimes, too. Yet we have no real laws to ban automobiles or Ginsu knives. It is all about control.

From I recommend them to anyone looking for a local organization to join that will protect your gun rights.
SB 2081 - Roy Cooper Wants Your Guns

Attorney General ROY COOPER (919-716-6400, fax: 919-716-6750) continues his attempts to manipulate BATFE rules to deny more North Carolinians of their Constitutionally recognized right to keep and bear arms. With the recent Supreme Court ruling recognizing that your right to keep and bear arms is indeed an INDIVIDUAL right like all others in the Bill of Rights, expect to see anti-gun politicians like Cooper try this kind of procedural end run around the laws.

There is good news, though. There is a sense that your feedback is having an effect. While there seems to be some developing hesitancy amongst those pushing SB 2081, they have not given up by any means. Now is not the time to let up on them. As an ambitious politician, Cooper knows he must carefully manage this maneuver. It is in his best interest for you to not be paying attention to this affront to your freedom. Now is the time to apply the pressure and let him know that this will impact his future political career. A Cooper assistant, Greg McLeod seems to have been tasked with being the point of contact on this matter. Please tell him to pass along your sentiments to the Attorney General:

A brief recap of SB 2081 follows:

Attorney General Touts 80,000 Barred From Buying Guns

Despite assertions from GRNC and others that serious flaws reside in the bill, SB 2081 passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 5-4 vote. The bill now resides in the Senate Committee on Appropriations/Base Budget.

Standing before the committee to defend his bill was none other than NC Attorney General ROY COOPER (D, GRNC 0-star). If you wonder what he is after, consider his statement that in 2006, Virginia began reporting not only people committed to mental health facilities, but also those remanded by courts to OUTPATIENT care. Said Cooper, in 2006 North Carolina reported (and therefore barred from owning guns) "only" 440 names to the National Instant Check System. Meanwhile, by adding outpatients, Virginia reported...**80,000.**


That's right: 80,000 PEOPLE BARRED FROM BUYING GUNS, and that is FROM JUST ONE STATE. And given that Virginia's population is smaller than North Carolina's, under Cooper's scheme an even greater number could find themselves saddled with a "firearms disability" under federal law.


* CONTACT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AT 919-716-6725 and tell Attorney General Roy Cooper to stop attacking the rights of people who neither have a federal firearms disability, nor are a threat to anyone. Let him know that you will remember this should he pursue future political office.

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