Monday, January 07, 2013

Nice project, still not sure I am on board with their message

I can disagree with a group of people and still be on friendly terms with them.  I try to keep a good relationship with some of the people at NC Stop Torture Now, though I have absolutely zero problem with putting old Abdul on a waterboard if it will save American lives.  Also, I am not so sure of the allegations against Aero Contractors out of our local airport.  Furthermore, I doubt seriously that picketing or petitioning the local County Board of Commissioners will do any good.

As a result of maintaining good will with some of their folks, a film maker in the state has asked me for an interview for a documentary on the whole Aero Contractors thing.  We have talked via email but not set a date yet for an interview.

I was invited via Facebook the morning of the clean up by Stop Torture Now, but was not available to help.  Quite honestly, I wouldn't have gone anyway, considering I am not really interested in furthering their cause.  I did find it hilarious that they managed to adopt the highway near the airport, though.  Well played, Stop Torture Now.  I liked that.

From WTSB:

NC Stop Torture Now Continues Protest
A group called NC Stop Torture Now has adopted a two mile stretch of Swift Creek Road, in front of the Johnston County Airport, for the NC Department of Transportation’s Adopt-a-Highway program.  The signs went up just before Christmas. The NC Stop Torture Now organization held their first roadside cleanup of litter on Saturday and used the occasion to draw attention to Aero Contractors. 

Organizers of the event held up signs for motorists to see. The group claims Aero Contractors is a CIA-affiliated aviation company that helps secretly transport detainees to overseas prisons where interrogation through the use of torture is not illegal. 

Allyson Caison, a resident of Selma, is a leader of NC Stop Torture Now. “The CIA and other government agencies can’t hide that they’ve used Johnston County for a global program of enforced disappearance and torture."

“Torture has stained Johnston County and North Carolina,” Caison said.  “It’s been well documented, and other countries are taking responsibility.  Why can’t we?”

About two dozen people turned out Saturday for the event. Participants say they will return in a few months to continue to bring attention to the company.  Aero Contractors has never publicly commented on the group's allegations.  Photo by Carter Rabil

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