Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Your tax dollars hard at work

I read an article within the past few weeks on the Johnston County Area Transportation System (JCATS). I lamented the possible expansion of tax dollars to further subsidize the poor.  I asked the question, "When is enough, enough?"  I made it into a TV show for "LaPlante's Rants".

Yesterday I saw a news story from WTSB Radio about JCATS getting a matching grant.  More subsidies for the poor at the expense of the producers.  We can't afford this!

County Approves JCATS Grant Match
Area transit system receives $74,556 in local funds

Johnston County Commissioners approved a $74,556 matching grant for the Johnston County Area Transit System.

JCATS Transportation Director Lynn Lamberth requested the funds at Monday's commission meeting.

The total grant from the state Department of Transportation is $598,556. It's the major administrative and capital grant with which JCATS operates.

JCATS' transportation services include medical trips in county and to destinations out of county, workplace and job training, senior centers, child care centers, social services, public hearings and dental care.

Lamberth told commissioners that JCATS provided 110,000 rides last year and that their vehicles traveled over 1 million miles.

She said JCATS provides quite a bit of transportation for Johnston Community College and would love to contract with JCC for additional services.

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