Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And this will accomplish WHAT, exactly, Mr. Etheridge?

Why does Congress think that they have to convene hearings on every last little thing? Major League baseball, professional wrestling and steroid use, Iran-Contra to name just a few. But drought effects? Why bother? We already KNOW the effects, since we frickin' live here! All this proposed hearing will do is make press coverage for Etheridge, waste tax dollars on the hearings, and attempt to siphon off federal tax money for relief for the agricultural industry. I am so damn tired of the taxpayers being asked to bail out every last industry when times are tough. Droughts happen. Crops suffer. It has happened for thousands of years. Floods happen. Crops suffer. Aphids happen. Crops suffer. We pay farmers to NOT grow crops. We pay them when the crops they do attempt to grow don't meet expectations. Sorry, but that is the nature of the business in which they are employed.

From the WMPM news site:
Etheridge Calls For Hearing On Effects Of Drought In NC - US Representative Bob Etheridge has announced the U.S. House Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on Thursday to examine the effects of the drought in North Carolina . Etheridge requested the hearing as part of his efforts to secure federal disaster assistance payments for farmers across the state. Governor Mike Easley is scheduled to testify at Etheridge’s invitation. ‘Without assistance, the drought threatens to affect not only farmers but all of North Carolina ’s rural economy. Congress must step in to ensure that farmers receive assistance so that they may continue to provide our nation’s families with a safe and abundant food supply,” said Etheridge.

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None dare call it corporate welfare