Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sometimes stupid can be amusing

I have been having some work done at the house for a while now. Some things have needed to be done for a few years and now I am finally getting them taken care of. Today I saw something coming that I stood back and watched. My backyard shed was in need of serious attention. The siding was falling apart, the roof leaked, the door was rotting out, and some of the floor was rotting. All of that has been taken care of, so hopefully I will not need to touch that shed for maintenance for years to come.

A friend of mine has been doing the labor. He has done a lot of other work for me in the past. His hireling is a decent laborer, as well. Today, however, he did something incredibly stupid. I saw it coming but stood back and watched.

The worker was cutting vinyl siding into small sections. He was using a power saw to do it. He was putting the vinyl on the ground and cutting a few lengths at a time. What I saw was that he put the vinyl down on top of his orange extension cord. I debated whether to say anything and warn him or just stand back and watch. I haven't used my CPR training in a long time, so I figured I would let it happen. Sure enough, the saw stopped as the GFCI breaker tripped. This happens when a cord is cut. Ask me how I know this. OK, I will tell you. I have hedge trimmers that love to eat orange cords. Yes, cords, plural.

He figured he just overdrew the breaker. I picked up the cord, held it for his inspection, and pointed out the nice deep cut. He said that someone else must have cut it a long time ago, even though the nice bright copper wire was showing through. Instead of taping up the cord, he just bent it back together and kept on working.

I am still amazed at that one.

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