Monday, October 22, 2007

Not throwing the baby out with the bath water

I am a big time Ron Paul supporter, though I disagree with some of his stances on a couple of issues. Namely, those issues are whether to pull out of Iraq and on equal rights regardless of "sexual orientation". I agreed with Ron Paul in that we should not have gone into Iraq to begin with. However, now that we are there, whether we should have or not is immaterial.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that is taking a stand for FREEDOM. He is the ONLY candidate for President that hammers that we need to return to Constitutional principles. He is the ONLY candidate who can help save this nation from self destruction, in my humble yet most accurate opinion.

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The Buck said...

Unfortunately, I find it difficult to even hear what Ron Paul says, for how he says it. He comes across as a real nut case. Sadly, a lot of intelligent people have that problem. The way things are shaping up, this will probably be another year of voting against the Dem, rather than FOR the Republican. I like Thompson. I don't think I could in good conscience vote for a former Mormon bike rider!