Friday, December 07, 2007

The dumbest rationalization for illegal immigrants attending our college system I have heard thus far

I am amazed how people can explain things away or make excuses for an agenda. How can anyone say that they believe that we have a problem, need to do something about it, but then turn around and say that we might as well reward problematic behavior since we may have some esoteric benefit therein?

From The Smithfield Herald, regarding allowing illegal aliens to attend our publicly funded colleges here in North Carolina:
Common sense would go a long way

We have seen no evidence that immigration issues matter to people who actually vote. If they did, presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo would be polling at better than 2 percent among GOP voters.

Still, this country has some immigration problems, and it seems to us that a little common sense would go a long way toward solving them.

Common sense, for example, says that America needs to seal its borders against people who would enter here illegally. We don’t know that this country has the inclination or the ability to round up all illegal aliens and send them home. But if it did so tomorrow, the exercise would be futile because an equal number of illegals would cross our now-porous borders to replace those sent home.

Common sense says also that America needs to increase the number of work visas it grants every year. Whether the jobs are high skill or low skill, America isn’t producing enough workers to fill them, businesspeople say. Put another way, does it make common sense for people to have to enter this country illegally to get legal jobs that industries need to fill?

As for whether North Carolina community colleges should admit illegal immigrants, common sense says they should — that an educated workforce is better than an ignorant one. In any event, it will take time to adequately secure this country’s borders and then to deport illegals or put them on some path to citizenship. In the meantime, does it make sense to deny an education to people who want one and are willing to pay for it?

Finally, this country’s immigration debate could use some compassion too. Which is to say that we couldn’t put an illegal mom on a bus and watch her wave goodbye to her legal children and husband. And we’re not sure we want to meet anyone who could.

Sorry, Scott, this is NOT common sense.

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