Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Someone new in my life as of today

For years I have wanted children. It has been at least two decades since I was around children for any appreciable amount of time because of distance from family and having been married to a social retard for 13 years. Whenever I have been around children, especially younger ones, I have a blast. Provided that they are not total sissies, I tend to get along splendid with little boys. Little girls often cling to me like Velcro, such as my cousin's daughter, McKensie.

This evening (I am still counting this as the previous day since I have not been to bed yet), I was introduced to a youngster with whom I am going to be developing a relationship in a "big brother" or "father figure" type roll. For years, I have considered joining the Big Brother/Big Sister program or something like it. I had even contacted a similar type agency that was looking for volunteers.

Through a dear friend of mine, I know a single mother who has a four year old named John. We met this evening and got along great. He is smart, loving, affectionate, and just a wonderful child. He is missing a few things in life, such as a bit more stability that can be offered through a strong relationship with a man. Our first meeting had the two of us playing with toy guns, watching The Flintstones and Scooby Doo, having dinner, and spending time under the supervision of his mother. By the time I was going to leave, he was climbing in my lap and giving me big hugs. His mother said that he has never done that with anyone else before.

Quite honestly, I was almost scared to death about this meeting, but figured it would go well. I had no idea it would go this well. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with little John.

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