Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Infidel alert

For those who do not know what the Koran teaches about us infidels, take note. Never forget that the reason we have terrorism is that the perpetrators are radical Muslims, not because we have troops in the Middle East. That is one area where I differ from Ron Paul (there are a few). I still would rather have Paul as president than the rest of the lame field of candidates, though.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I voted for bush the 2nd time so he'd play cowboys-n-muslims with 'em for a while longer and show them which country not to piss off. Those Muslims declared war on US, war on India, war on Isreal, war on Africa, war on Europe, war on every non-muslim around the planet except for China, because those commies would just line em up and fire up 'da ol machinegun in town square. but wouldn't it be nice to keep the constitution... Without it we've already lost.

Chris J said...

The reason we were attached on 9/11, and prior to that on several occasions (USS Cole, Trade Center Bombings, etc.) were due to our support of Israel…plain and simple. As much as I think Bush has screwed up in growing government here in the States, he and the neocon’s are correct about the need for a superpower to be over there and keep the radicals from achieving nuclear weapons. Just look at the powder keg in Pakistan today.

troylaplante said...

Chris, it is not a matter of our support for Israel. That is just plain ignorant rhetoric. Radical Islam hates the U.S. because we are the most powerful nation on the face of the planet that stands against all they stand for. We stand for freedom and were founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. We have fielded more missionaries and published the Gospel more than any other nation and therefore are a threat to their religion. I tire of people blaming Israel for all that is perceived as wrong in this world. That anti-Semitic rhetoric is what helped bring the gas chambers of WW2. Woe to this nation if we ever do stop supporting Israel, though.

Chris said...

I am not saying we should stop supporting Israel; I am a firm believer recognizing them as a nation and that we have a responsibility. I just believe one of the main reasons we (USA) was targeted on 9/11 because of our support. Our Christian values and missionary work is a close 2nd. I believe they (Radical Islam) see NYC as the financial structure for the world and as the epicenter of Jewish commerce and funding for Israel. I believe 9/11 was a swipe at us, but also a swipe at Israel.

I have a great DVD from Andy Stanley about his take on the 3 major religions of the world that I would love to let you borrow. Our Sunday School class viewed the 4 part sermon. I will drop it in the mail to you if you can shoot me your mailing address.

Hope 2008 is a great one.