Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is not a new idea. Why did it take so long for Selma to figure this out?

Many fire departments use their horn or siren system for regular tests, warnings, and alert systems. I remember the department in which I was a part had fire alarm pull boxes connected to a huge air horn that could be heard all through town and one could look on a published list what pull station was activated. Also, if school was canceled or a major conflagration was going on, the fire department's horn could alert the town. Now, Selma is just getting on board with this concept. Better late than never, I guess. And it only took WTSB two weeks to report this.

From the WTSB news site:
Town Of Selma Unveils New Tornado Warning System
The Town of Selma has a new tornado warning system that may be the first of its kind in Johnston County. The Selma Town Council recently approved a proposal by Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel to use the fire department’s old siren as a warning whistle to sound when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for the area. McDaniel said other parts of the United States, particularly the Midwest, use sirens as warnings for severe weather. McDaniel said the siren would only sound if weather officials have issued a tornado warning. McDaniel said the siren would blow three times in the event of a weather emergency. To get Selma residents accustomed to the sound, the siren, located atop the Selma Fire Station, will be tested each Friday at noon. McDaniel said the siren could be heard for a three-mile radius. “When you hear it, turn on your TV or radio to get more information,” Chief McDaniel said in the event of an emergency.

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