Friday, March 14, 2008

When you give away free stuff and free housing, people come out like cockroaches

I found this news story this morning. Hundreds of people were looking for a government hand out in Florida. People wanting to suckle off the government teat lined up for hours, some overnight, to get vouchers for housing assistance. Obviously, many, probably all of these people already had housing. Many have children. Most probably are on welfare and want more of a free ride.

Sadly, I know people like this personally. They are always waiting for the government or others to hand them cash, give them health care, give them housing, etc. Boca Raton, Florida nearly had a riot from people wanting something for nothing.

Watch the video clip on this web site and read the story. Obviously, the people standing in line are not starving. Many are rather plump. If they can not afford housing, then why are they pumping out babies that they can not afford? Why is it the government's responsibility to take care of them and their crumb crunchers? Why do MY tax dollars go to people who refuse to take care of their own selves, much less bring children into the world to have them supported by others?

I hate to sound harsh, but this is the reality. The situation in which these people find themselves is mostly self inflicted and we are expected to bail them out. Then, when the efforts are made to a reasonable extent, these same people whine about things not being fair. Sorry, but the government teat only has so much milk. Go suckle somewhere else.

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