Friday, May 30, 2008

And the "old guard" of the Selma Fire Department was so opposed to change...

This is one reason why I was hugely in support of the idea of hiring a full time fire chief in Selma. I knew that we would get better service, better training, and better accountability to the citizens and town. This article speaks for itself. Thanks, Chief McDaniel. From The Selma News.
Council approves Medical First Responder Program for Selma Fire Department
By Kelly Lake, News Editor 29.MAY.08

The Selma Town Council has approved a request by Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel to create a medical responder program within the Selma Fire Department.
McDaniel said the program could mean the difference between life and death in some emergency situations.

A medical responder program is a level of certification the Selma Fire Department could receive that would enable members to respond to EMS calls to assist citizens in times of life threatening illness or injury, according to McDaniel.

“If someone calls 911 with chest pains, an ambulance would be dispatched,” said McDaniel. “But, if an ambulance wasn’t at the Selma station, one from a surrounding community would be sent with a delayed response time. That could mean the difference between life and death.”

He said once the Selma Fire Department starts its first responder program, members can respond in a matter of minutes with basic life support equipment.
The fire department currently has seven certified first responders and one other in training.

The cost of the program would be about $3,000 for initial equipment and the cost of personnel. That money is included the fire department’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year, beginning in July.

The county also provides $4,000 in additional funds to medical responder squads, according to McDaniel.

If the program is approved by the town council and the program would need the approval of Johnston County Commissioner through a public hearing. Thirty days later, the department could begin answering calls.

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