Thursday, May 29, 2008

It only hurts when I cough, sneeze, or laugh

Not last night, but the night before I must have really overdone it. I was outside playing with my five year old. His mom bought a "Slip and Slide" type thing. You remember the old Slip N' Slide? It is a long plastic sheet that has water sprinkling on it, you run and dive, then slide to the end. I am a big guy, and I have not done anything like this in some 25 plus years. My first dive really knocked the wind out of me, not having hit the deck like that in years. I played on that slide for about and hour and a half. We both kept sliding over and over. I expected my back to really hurt, but my ribs are what are hurting right now. It feels like when you have a real bad cold and keep coughing so much that your ribs hurt for days. Yeah, that's the hurt. Ouch! A fat guy, a $7 Slip and Slide, and a 5 year old equate to pain for a few days.

Revenge will be mine, though. I also bought two Super Soaker squirt guns. I have wanted to do this stuff with a tyke for years. Thank you, Lord, for my dreams coming true.

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