Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a scumbag.

Sometimes, people amaze me. I did a lot of illegal and crazy stuff as a youth, myself. Some things, however, I would not do. I admit to stealing a bunch of traffic signs, and my favorite ones were "SLOW CHILDREN" signs. Why advertise that you have stupid kids in the neighborhood? However, I would not have stolen stuff like an American flag.

I was reading a news story on WTSB's news page about some scumbag(s) who stole American flags from in front of a church. They were for Memorial Day commemoration. That is just plain low.
Mayor Seeks Return Of US Flags Stolen From Selma Church
Selma Mayor Charles Hester is hopeful thieves who stole 8 US flags on display for Memorial Day will do the right thing and return them. The flags and two flag stands were stolen from the front of Selma Baptist Church sometime between May 24 and May 27. The items were owned by Mayor Hester who had placed them in front of the church in honor of veterans who fought to protect our country. In a report, Hester told Selma police he hopes the items, valued at $260, will be returned. Anyone with information about the missing US flags is asked to contact Selma Police at 919-965-8189.

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