Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I may be a chunky monkey, but I still say "Whack the guy!"

I almost laughed out loud and woke up my family last night when I read this article about some shmuck that is on death row and about to be executed that says he is too fat to be executed. His claim is that it is hard to get his veins for drawing blood so it would be hard to put him to sleep for lethal injection, therefore making it cruel punishment. Apparently there is speculation that the drug he is taking, Topamax, will also make him resistant to the drug initially used to anesthetize him. So? Just give him a helluva lot more of it.

By the way, Topamax often causes weight loss when it is used. I know two people that have been on the drug and that was a side effect. Not a bad one, if you have to have one. My doctor put me on a drug for a while last year and I stopped taking it because it, er, ah, well, let's just say that this is a limp subject and I will not write about it further.

It is never tremendously easy for nurses to draw my blood, to give me an IV, or for me to donate blood because I am a big guy. That does not make me run from needles and getting jabbed. I tough it out. He raped and murdered two women. He wasn't too porky to commit the crime, so he certainly is not too porky to be put to death. You do not need to hit a vein to put a bullet in his head. I volunteer to do it, too. Don't give me "thou shalt not kill", since that would NOT be murder. It would be justice. It would be fulfilling GOD's command.

Whack this guy before he wastes more of the taxpayer's money. Now he is wasting MY tax dollars because he has filed a federal lawsuit. Sorry, but the feds should never touch this case. It is a matter for the State of Ohio, not the federal court system.

Here is the news story video.

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