Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rep. Price is a moonbat wannabe

Representative David Price is a moonbat enabler and wannabe, it seems. His leftist political views disgust me, quite honestly. I can not watch his show on cable channel 24 or I will end up shouting at the TV and raising my blood pressure to a dangerous level and I will need massive doses of Lisinopril to keep my BP lowered.

This liberal dinosaur is calling for a federal investigation into Aero Contractors here in Johnston County. From The Smithfield Herald:
U.S. Rep. David Price, a Chapel Hill Democrat, has called on Congress to investigate a Johnston County company accused of ferrying terror suspects to countries where they are tortured.

On July 16, Price wrote a letter to the chairmen of two House subcommittees asking them to launch an investigation of Aero Contractors Ltd., which is based at the Johnston County Airport. Christina Cowger, spokeswoman for N.C. Stop Torture Now, said in a news release that Price’s involvement “is helping lead a growing movement to expose the use of public airports and private or nominally-private contractors to carry out the Bush administration’s kidnapping-for-torture program.”

Cowger’s group has been among the most vocal opponents of so-called “terror flights” and Aero’s possible role in them.

Activists have repeatedly called on state and federal officials to investigate the company since a “60 Minutes” report linked the company in 2006 to the war on terror.

Aero Contractors has denied the allegations.
Did you catch that handy phrase? "kidnapping-for-torture program". As far as I am concerned, put old Abdul on a waterboard. I wrote about this before and even put it in the paper.

In October of last year, I wrote columns, blogged, and did a talk show about moonbats that were protesting Aero Contractors with a big rally here in Johnston County. Just this weekend, the same sorts of whack jobs were in Raleigh protesting a war that has not even happened.

This is how scant the coverage was on WRAL's web site, which was about as brief as the actual video package.
A group protesting against a possible war with Iran demonstrated in Raleigh Saturday.

The North Carolina Coalition to Stop War on Iran held a march and rally to protest the growing threat of western-led attacks on Iran. Similar protests took place in 60 cities across the country.

What pissed me off about the news story was, as I wrote to the leader of the counter protest group:
[I] caught the 11 PM news on WRAL. Their footage made it look like there were hundreds of moonbats but only about a half dozen Eagles. Their footage had to have been purposely skewed to show a huge protest with a bunch of moonbats all together. When the Eagles were shown, there were only a handful in the shot which made y'all look like a loony, lonely bunch of extremists. That rather pissed me off when I saw the report.
I am going to take a little liberty by sharing his response.
We have learned, over the last two years, to never, ever expect decent coverage by the press. I'm working on my official report right now. As you'll see there were some interesting incidents that were very telling, me thinks.
The truth of the matter is what this same man shared with those on his email list (which includes me)
Here's a quick summary of the August 2 events in Raleigh, I'm still processing photos and will have the official AAR online as soon as I can.

It seems everyone always wants to know about the numbers. Head counts are something I never remember to do, but others tell me it was 42 to 31.
That's 42 moonbats, and 31 patriots. So my original estimate from mid-last-week appears to have been more accurate than the RPD's prediction of 300. But that's the way it always goes, we never know what's going to happen till it happens. I'm happy to report that Rolling Thunder accounted for a substantial portion of that number .

The moonbats gathered on the south side of the capital grounds. We rallied at the Vietnam Memorial on the north-east corner, and after a few minutes we began moving over to the south side. The capital grounds police stopped us just short of contact, and we were told that in order to stay on capital property we would have to abandon signs and flags. The answer was "We dont think so". We abandoned Capital property and moved across the street to the sidewalk where the Capital Grounds Police had no jurisdiction.

That was just as good, actually better. When the anti-Americans began their parade they had to pass right by us, so that worked out just fine. They marched around and through downtown chanting slogans and waving their anti-American signs (no flags, America that is). We followed them, with flags. Each and every person on the streets and sidewalks that witnessed their passing were informed by the Eagles that the previous Hate-America message was brought to them by the American Communist Party.
When they stopped (in front of the courthouse and in front of the Obama HQ) to chant and give speeches, the Eagles used the opportunity to move in close and add to what was being said. We pointed out that none of them had an American flag and offered to provide one. At one point, one of us walked into the middle of their sidewalk rally and offered a 3x5 American flag and pole to the leader of the group. It was refused. The flag was offered to seven different people, six declined even though their hands were empty. The seventh person took the flag and handed away his anti-war protest sign.
Of course, this made the police very nervous and we were asked to move away .... again.

After that, it all sorta fizzled out. By the time they returned to their original rally point - with less than half their original numbers - it didnt seem worth the trouble any more. We made a couple more offers on flags. The offers were declined, except 2 little 6-inch flags were accepted.

And that's the way it was, sez I.
So that you will know why I am publishing this, it is because the same bunch and ilk that populate Code Pink,, and Stop Torture Now are the same sort of hippies who would populate this event. Actually, here is a link to some of the propaganda by the sponsoring organization. What they conveniently do not tell you is that the local group doing the march is an avowed COMMUNIST group. Surf that site for a while and enjoy.

Now you know why I call this blog Hippie Puncher.


Thunder Pig said...

It's too bad that Lawson is equally insane. He insisted on Blue NC that drilling for Oil wouldn't help and was a distraction.

But don't feel bad...most of the GOP Congressional Candidates are off their rocker this year.

troylaplante said...

Fortunately for me, David Price ceased to be my representative when I moved out of Raleigh 11 years ago. Then again, I have Bob Etheridge for a representative now. Price is from Chapel Hill, which may explain a lot.

Thunder Pig said...

Chapel HIll? Ugghh!

Congrats on the notice from Capitol Hill.

Sorry about Bob being your Congress Critter...I have Shuler. Bummer.

BJ Lawson said...

thunder pig - the point about my BlueNC comment is that the OCS drilling debate is just partisan rhetoric, and a distraction from our real goal... whcih should be greater sustainability.

What evidence do we have that lifting the OCS ban will result in an immediate orgy of exploration, when 90% of all drilling rigs are all happily in use elsewhere? The low hanging fruit are being picked, and exploiting these additional reserves will take time.

I'm in favor of lifting the federal exploration ban, but the GOP is being disingenuous claiming that lifting the ban will have a short-term impact on prices.

Just check out the "Drill Now" folks' talking points site at

Drilling more now will increase supplies in the future. And higher supplies lead to lower prices.

Sure, higher supplies lead to lower prices, unless offset by higher demand.

The demand is from 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.1 billion Indians deciding they want cars, as well.

We can't necessarily predict what prices are going to do -- but we need to start identifying and extracting our domestic oil because we're going to need the oil.

See here.


troylaplante said...

It is a no brainer that drilling, whether off shore, in the lower 48, or in Alaska will not yield lower prices because of production. There are other factors. I have been told for years that there were many producing oil wells that were capped when gas prices fell to a low enough price that production was not economically feasible. At the current price and demand, it would seem appropriate to again begin use of any capped wells...if militant environmentalists and politicians will allow it.

Also, the mere fact that we are going to begin exploration of our own will cause sufficient shaking of the market to cause rethinking of the current pricing and policies that led to the higher pricing. As soon as OPEC realizes that we are serious about energy independence, I guarantee prices will start to fall.