Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scottie has never been so affectionate as he has been lately

The past seven weeks have been an adventure for all of us here at home. Muffin, Scottie, Daisy, and I have been bonding a lot more. Daisy still has her issues, but she comes close when strangers are in the house. I posted a few weeks ago about Muffin being lovey with me, giving me smoochies. I love Muffin smoochies. Scottie has been really affectionate lately, as well. He comes over to me and puts his paws on my leg, asking to be picked up. Sometimes he loves being held and petted for a while, sometimes just a minute or so. Tonight he was being so cuddly, like never before. I turned on the web cam and snapped a picture.

Scottie is a big, handsome boy. He was named Scottie because he was a butterscotch color when I got him. He also came to live with me just a few days after James "Scotty" Doohan (of "Star Trek" fame) died, so his full name is Montgomery Scott. Don't ask about the Scottie vs. Scotty spelling...wasn't the bubble head who came up with it.

He does not normally curl up in my arms like this. He usually likes to be a shoulder baby with me, but he just curled up this way and napped for a while. Since I started typing, he jumped down went somewhere else in the house then came back to be petted more. What a cool cat.

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