Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elected morons not working on major problems try to protect us from ourselves, visual aids

Well, the First Amendment is about to surrender to the NC Legislature. So is freedom to handle one's own life as one sees fit. It's bad enough that there is so called "hate crime" legislation. Now the NC Legislature is trying to make it illegal to display a noose when conveying thoughts and make it into a felony. A felony conviction will strip you of your right to vote and own a firearm. Also, there is a bill to prevent people from riding in the back of a pick a rural state...full of migrant labor. Hey, just let us take our OWN decisions on how to run our lives, you bunch of overbearing nannies!

From the AP:
State lawmakers are considering legislation that would make it illegal to hang a noose or burn a cross while trying to intimidate someone.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Doug Berger, said recent high-profile reports of such displays both in and outside North Carolina convinced him to introduce the legislation.

The bill would make the display of a noose or burning cross a low-grade felony punishable by up to around two years in prison.

But the display must be designed to intimidate someone who is of another race, color, creed, nationality or country of origin.

Berger said the bill contains the specific criteria to avoid infringing on an individual's First Amendment rights.

It's already a misdemeanor to engage in ethnic intimidation in North Carolina.

STOP THE INSANITY! Because here is more of it.

A House panel is considering a plan to further restrict riding in open pickup truck beds.

A House judiciary committee is scheduled Tuesday to discuss a bill to prohibit anyone under age 16 from riding in the flatbed of a pickup truck. Current law allows children as young as 12 to ride in the area without a seat belt.

The bill also would remove a loophole that allows passengers of any age to ride in the cargo areas if they're being driven in a rural area.

The plan has already been approved by another committee that studies child and family issues. It needs the approval of both the House and the Senate before it can be sent to Gov. Mike Easley's desk for his signature.

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Chuck said...

State Senator Doug Berger has not sponsored legislation needed by his District (Franklin, Granville, Vance, Warren) but instead sponsored a bottle tax, a bill requiring bailbondsfolks to register in NC, a bill to hide the felony convictions of bad criminals, a bill to regulate golf carts in Butner. Doug Berger apparently believes that bigger and more intrusive government is happier government.

A responsible senator would sponsor legislation on education, economic development, agricultural development, transportation, health care. The operative word is responsible.