Monday, June 16, 2008

Yeah, sure, like it is all about race...

When two black men commit a crime such as breaking and entering or larceny and one of them gets accidentally killed by the victim of the crime, you can count on the NAACP crying racism. Let the homeowner that accidentally killed the criminal get off light in the court system (instead of being applauded as he should be, in my opinion) and you can count on the NAACP protesting. People like Timothy Hodges is nothing but a race pimp. He exploits his own people for his personal agenda and power. People like him spoke at the town council meeting in Selma when Mayor Charles Hester made a comment about a lynching that had NOTHING to do with a black individual. Yet, the NAACP took the opportunity to exploit the situation as a racist remark. Hester deserved the negative attention as far as I am concerned, but racist it was not. Hodges was just looking for an opportunity to pimp his victimhood message.

John Reid did what he SHOULD have done to protect his livelihood and his home. Of course you will not hear from people like Timothy Hodges that people like Cornelius Brown and his partner should never have been performing criminal acts in the first place. That would not show victim status to the black race. When the perpetrator got caught and killed, then it is to the advantage of a race pimp to exploit the situation. On top of that, when Reid was not indicted, that added fuel to the race pimp's fire. Hey, Timothy Hodges and the NAACP, it is NOT all about race! It is about right and wrong. If you REALLY want to help, educate your own people to avoid being stereotypical in their behavior! Even Barack Obama got that one right yesterday. Why can't YOU?

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