Thursday, June 26, 2008

SCOTUS tells us what we already knew...the 2nd Amendment is a personal right...DUH!

In another 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to keep and bear arms, including handguns, is a personal Constitutional right. That was obvious to me, but what shocks me is that it is not obvious to four of nine Supreme Court Justices. Basically, four justices attempted to amend the Constitution by fiat and failed. The vote NEVER should have even been close. It just goes to show that liberals (and it was the liberal justices who dissented) are out to control your lives and are willing to do so via the court system since they can not successfully do it via legislation or the amendment process as prescribed by the Constitution itself.

After reading about the court's decision, I was driving down the road and listened to Rush Limbaugh opining about the same thing, that four justices had tried to subvert our rights. I had already had that conversation with my buddy this morning, and here the same discussion was on the radio. I am glad that there are some people that are not so blind and can easily see things for what they are.

Here is the news story on the decision, and here is the decision itself. I have been reading and loving the logic of Justice Scalia's opinion. He uses strong language against the dissenting opinions, even calling them absurdity and grotesque. I love this guy. Finally, it is in an opinion for the nation to follow.

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