Monday, June 16, 2008

Why have concealed carry in NC?

From an online forum, the question of how to answer a question on a CCW application, "Why do you want a concealed carry permit?" There were some answers from others. Here was my response.
Several answers come to mind.

1. Because a police officer is too heavy to carry around.
2. To exercise my Second Amendment RIGHT. Rights should not require permits.
3. Because my CCW permit is a convenient tool as it doubles as a handgun purchase purchase permit instead of individual permits for each purchase (at least here in NC, don't know about elsewhere)
4. Because I always wanted to spend $90 to exercise my rights.
5. Because I always wanted to spend $90 to be fingerprinted and investigated.
6. Because it is a convenient way to find out if I am indeed a criminal, since I do not have personal access to NICS.

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