Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And they think that more money from bonds and taxes will solve THIS? Nope.

From WMPM's new site:
County SAT Scores Decline To Lowest Level Since 2002 - North Johnston High School, South Johnston High School, and West Johnston High School all posted significant gains on the SAT for the Class of 2007, despite drops in the scores for the county, state, and nation. Johnston County's district average declined this year to the lowest SAT average since 2002. North Johnston posted the greatest gain, a gain of 53 points. North Johnston's score for 2007 seniors was 1040, up from 987 for 2006. South Johnston and West Johnston posted scores of 1026 and 1035 respectively. The district average for the Class of 2007 was 1012, eight points above the state average of 1004, but at the same time 11 points lower than last year and 21 point below test scores in 2005. "We are pleased with the significant growth in the SAT scores at three of our high schools," said Dr. Anthony Parker, Superintendent of Johnston County Schools. "We must continue to improve the efforts of our high schools to meet the needs of all of our students." Keith Beamon, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction said since an SAT improvement plan was adopted in 2003, and a new SAT was introduced two years ago "...student performance has not been as expected."
Sorry people, but we don't need new schools or smaller classrooms to improve education quality. We need discipline and a return to the basics of instruction.

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