Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally, some people know how to say no...they just aren't from around here

Here in North Carolina, the general population (at least the voting ones) don't seem to know how to say no on referendums. (As much as I don't think the plural of referendum is referendums, spell check keeps telling me that it is correct and other variations are incorrect.) I vote no most every time out of principle. I don't believe that in this area, the government is being responsible with the money we already give. At least people in the town next to where I grew up said no.
Winnisquam Regional School District voters last night defeated a $703,000 bump to teacher pay at a special district meeting. The vote count was 156 for the measure and 228 against.
I wish people around here had the same courage.

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The Buck said...

It's the strength of the NEA. In North Carolina, teachers often get raises when other State Employees do not, or State Employees get a much lesser raise. Another reason to break up the State-run monopoly on education!
Spellcheck. It's a trip!