Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Taxpayers...want some KY?

Here is a news story from WMPM.
Commissioners To Discuss Local Tax Options - Johnston County Commissioners will hold a special meeting next week to discuss legislation, approved by state lawmakers, allowing counties to raise their sales tax rate or impose a land transfer tax. State lawmakers agreed to pick up all 100 counties' five percent share of Medicaid bills they were forced to pay. In return the state will keep an additional half cent of their sales tax revenue. But in return, counties like Johnston were given the option to increase their sales tax rate by 1/4 cent or to enact a 0.4 percent transfer tax on all real estate sales. Commissioners will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, August 14 at 6pm to discuss the implications of the legislation. Before either additional tax revenue could be enacted in Johnston County , local voters would have to vote for their approval in a referendum.

Watch for my column this week where I deal some with this concept. After my column is published, I will also share here what I wrote that became a column...or rather a column that became a letter.

We tax paying citizens are about to take it without so much as a kiss from our government officials. To top it off, we have school administrators cheering on these tax increases.

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