Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What a bunch of overhyped hysteria

I am so tired of people over-reacting to every last little incident. People need to just use common sense rather than overblowing common every day things into a major crisis. That happened today here in Selma. You have to read it to get the detail.
7 Children, 3 Adults Sent To Hospital Following Mercury Scare At Daycare Center - A local daycare center was evacuated Wednesday after a mercury scare. A glass thermometer shattered on the floor of the Powerhouse Prayer Christian Childcare Center on South Massey Street in Selma . Workers cleaned up the spilled liquid before emergency workers arrived, but since the substance in the thermometer might have been mercury, seven children and three adults were transported to Johnston Memorial Hospital to be checked out. Johnston County Fire Marshal Matt Chestnut said an environmental crew was called to the scene to assess the cleanup, and an air monitoring crew was dispatched to the scene to check on air quality levels inside the daycare. Several other children who were not in the immediate area of the spill were moved to another area of the church until their parents could be contacted to pick them up early. Chestnut said the daycare center would remain closed for the remainder of the day. Exposure to significant amounts of mercury can affect the central nervous system in children. Results can range from learning disabilities to neurological problems, including mental retardation, blindness, and spasticity.

It was a FRICKIN' THERMOMETER! NO BIG DEAL! CLEAN UP THE DOGGONE SPILL AND GO ON WITH LIFE! Nobody is going to get retarded or have neurological damage from being in the same building when a thermometer breaks. People go ape when there is asbestos in a building. If left undisturbed, there is nothing wrong with asbestos. But, people panic. In this instance, people were not using common sense. It is overkill and a waste to send ten people to the hospital over a broken thermometer. What a waste of time, money, and emotions.

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