Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Concerning anonymous and vicious comments

This is a policy note for those boneheads who like to leave scathing anonymous comments. First, since you are cowardly enough to leave comments with no mention of your name or where you are from, I will delete them. I don't mind dissenting opinions. I have always welcomed them, even in my own home. The attitude presented, however, is what makes or breaks the comment effectiveness. If civil discourse is not what you are in to, I am not into you or your comments.

Second, try reading what is written rather than either extrapolating or pulling concepts out of your butt that are not written herein. I do not tolerate lying in my own home, why should I tolerate it on my blog?

Third, commenting or, in the case of the latest post in question, sharing a news story I found online, is not whining. There is a big difference. If you do not have the intellect to discern that, you don't deserve to have your comments taken seriously or anonymous ramblings saved here. There is no 1st Amendment in effect on something I own.

I know who the anonymous poster was not, since it was spelled correctly.

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