Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I support their position, but they are getting stupid now

I have written several times about how I support the position held by Ed and Elaine Brown of Plainfield, New Hampshire, in regards to the tax code. I also wrote about how I disagree with some of Ed Brown's positions and how they are handling the situation. I have followed the story fairly regularly and have seen some of the problems that the Browns have had with their own supporters. It seems that there are more ongoing issues in his camp.

I interviewed a man, Tom Cryer who had the same position as the Browns in regards to the tax code. He is a lawyer in Louisiana. He and I had a conversation just this week and he told me that he won his tax court case. Others before him have fallen prey to the IRS, had their fortunes stolen, and even served prison time. He has agreed to do a follow up show and I will schedule him sometime soon.

If only the Browns had vigorously follows his path.


Anonymous said...

Where are the stink bombs and ugh who gives a shit ? OTHER PROTESTERs ? Your kidding right? People who own houses who do pay their taxes each year are more honest and don’t have problems and let the gobs of taxes amount up each year with greeding snot nosedness and thats why THE OTHER PEOPLE don’t have this problem !!! Other people pay and find a way when don’t even have twenty thousand a year to pay for their house, car and child and at over five hundred thou a year you are being disrespectful to be with pride having a house and car unpaid for !!! The Browns sadly and I mean sad to say but they are retarded. I don’t believe anybody plays with the following fantasies about this whole situation. A. the IRS do not try to hide everything they do ! Were you born yesterday or do you remember the famous Leona Helmsley case she was a millionaire and she served like ten years prison for evasion.(I’m definitely not entirely for them or know any, or their strange methods of calculation etc. but I know this about them). again I don’t see serving time as helping anybody but get these people some therapy and help them like credit companies to liquidate assets and pay back taxes off so they can be free but they’re still crazy for not paying and allowing this surmount. The Browns are not heroes and don’t support others only their own strange and selfish want of some blaze of glory. sincerely, mrexplainall338./

troylaplante said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous, Mrexplainall, YES, there ARE other protesters. I was one for a long time. I have interviewed a protester on my talk show who just WON his case, based upon the SAME criteria as the Browns.

You speak out of sheer ignorance. Do a little research and engage brain before starting fingers.