Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Speaking of The Kenly News

I can't believe the results of the quickie poll on their site. The question:
Should couples be allowed to have children if they cannot afford health care insurance for them?

The results (as of this post):
36% 12 Votes Yes
64% 21 Votes No

Since when is health insurance a prerequisite for birthing children? From the beginning of recorded history, men and women have been having children and had no insurance. Health insurance is a great thing to have, but it is a fairly recent invention, in the big scheme of things. It is abject stupidity to think that anyone should be precluded by governmental decree from having children because they have no insurance.

That being said, it is irresponsible of adults to not plan on providing for their family. I understand that people can be poor and not exactly plan things in life. When I got married, I was making about 1/5 the income I make now. I also went for years without insurance, since I could not afford it. Heck, I could barely afford to pay rent and groceries. I understand it. We also scrimped to pay for birth control so that we would not have children at that time, since we could not afford them, among other things. Still, I do believe that if we did get pregnant, then our God would have met our needs. We did not feel like proving that at the time, though.

I don't relish the idea that everybody else should pay for the health care of those who do not plan their lives properly. Also, if someone does not have health insurance and want coverage, they need to work harder to improve their circumstances in life. We certainly should not be forced to pay for their health care bills. On the flip side, the government should certainly not regulate the inherent freedom of the natural order of reproduction.

Whatever happened to the idea of self-reliance and reliance on God? AND, whatever happened to the concept of freedom? What are 64% of the poll respondents thinking???

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The Buck said...

THIS generation doesn't know of life without a TV remote, wait a while, they almost think a cell phone is an inalienable right. It won't be long before they will.
The Lord WILL provide, but sometimes His timing doesn't match mine. Guess I need to be the one to adjust, huh?
We are on a slippery slope where freedoms blood was shed for will be surrendered in the name of political correctness. Freedom of speech is in the toilet. The Thought Police are alive and well. Big Brother is here!