Friday, August 24, 2007

A note of sadness

When you have a friend whom you love, it is always sad when you don't get to talk or enjoy each other's company. One man with whom I had a friendship, Tony Conti, passed away about four months ago. Tony and I have kept in touch over the years and occasionally had the opportunity to see each other. Every time I saw him, he insisted on giving me a big hug and sometimes calling me his "big brother", even though he was the same age as my mom.

Tony and I had some things in common. One of which is that we both grew up in New England with very European families, though his was Italian and my family was French Canadian. We also had some similar situations in our personal lives and were able to relate to and sympathize with one another.

I talked to Tony sometime in April or so. I had tried calling him several times since, but his phone was disconnected. I sent him an email and it did not bounce back. I searched for him online, hoping not to see an obituary. I never did. Yesterday, Tony's business associate and girlfriend, Beth, called me to say that she got the email I sent to Tony and that he had died in April.

Tony was very non-judgmental and supportive, but also didn't put up with garbage from others. I liked that about him. He will be missed. I am jealous of him in that he got to have a few non-material things in life that I covet and is now with the Lord whereas I am stuck here on this sin cursed earth.

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