Friday, January 11, 2008

Good job, Chucky. Thanks for bringing shame to Selma.

As I blogged earlier and shared on my internet talk show, Straight Shooting, Selma Mayor Charles Hester made an inappropriate remark at the last Selma Town Council meeting during the opening remarks. He made reference to a lynching. Specifically, he was referring to Tony Tetterton. Tony gets involved in local affairs and has again injected himself into this situation. I do not have a problem with this, by the way, and actually applaud him for doing what he feels is right. If more people would do this, our nation would see a lot more benefits.

Charles Hester denies that his remark was directed specifically at Tony. Of course we all know better. Tony is the one who really got the ball rolling, so to speak, on getting opposition to show up for the public hearing. The mayor has thought of Tony as a trouble maker for some time. We all knew that the comment was directed at Tony. Some at the meeting said that the comment was "racist". No, there was nothing racist about it. Negroes were not the only ones ever to be lynched in this country. As a matter of fact, they were not even the most lynched population in this nation. Anyway, enough about that.

There were at least three TV stations covering this story, from the angle of both the proposed ethanol plant and about the commentary by Hester. Just this morning on the WNCN channel 17 news was carrying the video of the remark. Yesterday, I met channel 17's reporter. By the way, Barry, the GM over at channel 17 has a habit of hiring beautiful women. I have seen it and had the opportunity to be around some of them a few times. Thanks, Barry.

Charles Hester's comment was inexcusable. He is an abrasive man, thinks it is fine to be obnoxious, and enjoys exerting power over others. I have seen this man throw a tantrum, purposely back his car into a political rival's car, make fun of others, insult people publicly, and try to remove knowledgeable and competent people from town boards. He has been a disgrace to the town with his methods and his attitudes. I am ashamed to have this man as our town figurehead.

Hester has tried to minimize the damage by saying that it was an accidental discharge, just something that slipped out of his mouth, and that it was just "Hester being Hester". He has also said that he did apologize at the meeting. He did, and I have to accept that he did, regardless of how sincere I believe he was at the time. I find it ironic that Mayor Hester decided to wear a suit and tie for the WRAL interview and even tape the interview outside of Selma Baptist Church, where he attends, helped build the church, and even teaches Sunday School (I am told. I am glad I don't and would never attend one of his lessons.)

He said that people taking the comment personally is just small town politics and that those claims are because people do not like him. HELLO, Chucky!! NOBODY is more guilty of small town politics than YOU are!! We who live here and have been around you for any significant amount of time know this for certain. In a small town, it becomes entirely obvious to whom Hester was referring. That is just plain hypocritical.

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