Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Graham Calls for Fetal Homicide Bill

My first choice for NC governor, Bill Graham is in support of a fetal homicide bill. I support that idea, and have for a long time. I got the following press release today.
Salisbury, NC- Bill Graham, Republican candidate for Governor, announced today that as Governor he will aggressively pursue a fetal homicide bill in North Carolina.

"Our state leaders in Raleigh have failed us once again. Beyond the obvious failures in education, jobs and roads, they have failed to protect the most innocent among us. As Governor, I will change that." Graham said today.

"It is unconscionable that a murderer who takes the life of an expectant mother is not held accountable for the death of her fetus. Twenty-five states currently have fetal homicide laws on the books. Once again the politicians in Raleigh have failed to act. I will aggressively pursue legislation that will hold those accountable who commit criminal acts in causing the death of a fetus," said Graham.

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