Monday, January 28, 2008

It is sad to see that people in Vermont have gotten so liberal

I have no problem with impeaching a President if he actually committed crimes worthy of impeachment. However, the calls for impeachment that I have heard over the past seven years have been purely politically motivated and coming from bitter liberals. Many want revenge for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, who actually deserved impeachment. I find it amusing the people in Brattleboro, Vermont want to arrest George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for federal crimes, which are not even their jurisdiction. What a bunch of whiny, bitter liberals. From the online article:
Brattleboro residents will vote at town meeting on whether President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont.

The Brattleboro Select Board voted 3-2 Friday to put the controversial item on the Town Meeting Day warning...

The article asked the town attorney to "draft indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney for crimes against our Constitution and publish said indictments for consideration by other authorities."

The article goes on to say the indictments would be the "law of the town of Brattleboro that the Brattleboro police ... arrest and detain George Bush and Richard Cheney in Brattleboro, if they are not duly impeached ..."

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