Friday, January 25, 2008

Why does it make news every time someone uses the "N" word?

Some simple minded jackass makes racist comments and it makes news. Why? Why bother edifying, glorifying, or dignifying the act by giving it attention? Let it go away and there will be no incentive to gain media attention by doing it.

From the WTSB web site:
Racist Notes Found In Campbell Dorm
While Campbell University celebrated the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, several students found racial slurs on small yellow notes attached to their doors. Five notes were found in the Small Residential Hall saying "Happy Nigger Day." The incident allegedly occurred as the school was holding its second annual Martin Luther King Day of Service project. Campbell officials said several students reported finding the notes, but it was confined to one hall in the dormitory. None of the rooms where the notes were found were occupied by black students. "If the perpetrator is found to be a student, according to university policy, the punishment for such behavior may be up to and including expulsion," according to Jon Roberson, Campbell Vice President for Marketing. A video of the sticky notes was also posted on Facebook online. Students responded on the Internet posting with comments ranging from disbelief to anger about what had happened.

Big frickin' deal. So what? The obvious double standard is that there can be Black History Month but no White History Month, a Black Miss America but no White Miss America, and no NAAWP. There are just as many racist acts and comments (yeah, you cracker) the other way, but they don't get media attention nor the dismay.

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