Friday, January 18, 2008

More articles from "The Smithfield Heresy" on Hester and the ethanol plant

Here is an article about people who think that Hester's lynching comment was no big deal. Here is the Herald's editorial on the need to investigate an ethanol plant, as offered by East Coast Ethanol. I personally have offered to be one of the people who travels to visit, report, and be objective about it.

I do not believe that reaction to the lynching comment has been blown out of proportion, as was asserted by one citizen, quoted in the Herald's article. I also believe that it was not racial, contrary to the NAACP's assertion. I don't appreciate people explaining or excusing away Charles Hester's bad behavior. I also don't appreciate people automatically calling for his resignation, either.

Though I have offered to the majority of the Town Council members and town manager to be one of the citizen delegates to take up the offer to visit an ethanol plant, I doubt it will happen.

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