Monday, January 28, 2008

Hard to believe I agree with Kid Rock

Recently, I heard Kid Rock's song "Amen" from the "Rock N Roll Jesus" album on the radio. I was actually pretty surprised at the softer side of Kid Rock, and really liked the song and the sentiments contained therein. I can stomach some of his music from years past, but have not been a fan at all. I did not appreciate his lifestyle or values, the message he portrayed, or the role model he became.

However, just as he expressed in the song, I am no fan of organized religion or the "institutional church" or IC, as it is often referred to by home church groups. I often will attend an IC congregation, since I have friends there and enjoy the fellowship of the Saints. The song actually summed up a lot of how I feel about religion. It also summed up a lot of my feelings on race relations, charity, many in the ministry, and about personal responsibility.

Many people have left organized religion, not to run from the faith but to preserve their own. I am in that category. I have not read the book yet, but I did order a copy of Frank Viola's "Pagan Christianity". I have read several of Viola's writings online and in print form. If the interview I heard on The Drew Marshall Show is any indication, it should be a good read.

Here is the interview. It is worth the 38 minute listen. Or, download the audio for yourself. Right click that last link, and "save as" for the mp3 file.

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