Sunday, September 09, 2007

The enemy is active

For some time, I have known that a strategy of Satan would be to attack families. I have seen it escalate more than I have ever seen it before. I have seen Godly men attacked in their family lives. Men who have stood by their brides for years have been finding themselves either abandoned by their wives or betrayed by them. Men who should be stable have exhibited great stoicism have turned violent.

This has been especially prevalent lately in those in ministry. Men of God have fallen because of infidelity. Preachers have been in the news lately about unfaithfulness and violence.

Just today, I met with a pastor I know who's marriage ended recently after over 20 years with his wife. I don't know all the details, but I guess his wife decided she didn't want to be a preacher's wife any more. Some women do not want change or have the strength to continue down the right path. Some prefer what seems an easier road, the wide path. The enemy uses that weakness against marriages.

I have heard several tales lately about women being seduced on the internet, some even leaving their husbands because of it. One such situation, I know intimately. It is just that, a seduction, and it is evil. The enemy intends to rob men of their manhood, their aspirations, their course in life, and squash their effectiveness for the Kingdom of God. This is sad to see. People are so very undisciplined in their lives and are being tools of the devil.

Lord deliver us. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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The Buck said...

Just this week I ran into a fellow I was on a "praise team" with whose wife, according to him, was found multiple times with other men. satan hates the family and wishes to destroy it! Girls without proper figures become like little rutterless vessels, ridden until their worn and then cast away. Lord help us!