Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This brutal treatment is just uncalled for

Whether or not you like John F'ing Kerry (who served in Vietnam), the treatment that this student got for asking a question at a forum at which Kerry was speaking is just plain wrong. Watch for yourself. The student asks a valid question..."What did I do?" What did he do wrong that would justify arrest, severe physical treatment, and being tasered? No staff member did anything to help stop the violence against this young man. Only one student could be heard yelling for the officers to stop their harsh treatment. Why? Because the venue is liberal academia and Kerry is a liberal. That makes it OK to treat a dissenter with disdain and force, in their view.

As much as I found this brutality wrong and serious, there are some videos on the net capitalizing on this incident.

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Anonymous said...

100% agree!!!!! by the way, didnt john kerry serve in vietnam? i though i heard that some where. of course, i think he "played" at serving!
g. morgan