Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If she gets elected and gets Hillary's health care plan, we will be taxed to death as a result. That pretty much defeats the purpose of health care.

Health care is not a right. It is not a guarantee in the Constitution. It is not even mentioned in the foundation of this nation. Medicine was in existence then. I have no problem with access to quality, affordable health care. I do have a problem with mandating insurance for every person. The taxpayers will certainly pick up the tab for millions of people. Many people do not have insurance by choice rather than inability to pay for it. This is just one more area in which the government needs to stay out of our lives.

Here is the article quote for starters.
Her second stab at a health care overhaul would extend coverage to all Americans and lower the cost of care, Clinton said.

"I believe everyone - every man, woman and child - should have quality, affordable health care in America," Clinton said in Des Moines, Iowa, where she detailed her $110 billion plan. "We should do it because it is the right thing to do, because we can no longer tolerate the injustice of a system that shuts out nearly one in six Americans."

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