Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NC Listen on Saturday night's Straight Shooting

NC LISTEN is a North Carolina-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization involved in immigration reform and educating the public about immigration and its effects on America. Our associates in NC LISTEN share a common belief that today's out-of-control immigration is not serving the needs and interests of our country. We believe our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to bring immigration back into balance, by stopping illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to a sensible number.

NC Listen's Ron Woodard will be joining me on Straight Shooting this Saturday evening at 6 PM eastern time. Ron has been a guest on WUNC radio, WRAL-TV's Headline Saturday, NBC-17 TV's At Issue, appeared on CNN Lou Dobb's Tonight, a guest on Bill Lumaye's WPTF talk radio show, Allen Handelman's WZTK show, Curtis Wright's Big Talker FM show, Lockwood Phillips' WTKF show, and Matt Mittan's WWNC radio show, among others. Ron has had numerous op-ed pieces published in the News and Observer and other newspapers and statewide magazines.

Join us.

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